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The OXYTROL transdermal delivery system (patch) delivers oxybutynin into the blood stream through the skin consistently and continuously for up to 4 days, allowing for convenient twice weekly dosing. It is important that you wear the patch all the time until it is time to apply a new one. This will help you maintain continuous control of your OAB symptoms. Wear only 1 patch of OXYTROL at a time. You should also try to change the patch on the same 2 days each week.

Patch Application
A convenient calendar has been prepared to help remind you of the dates to change your patch. Select the two days of the week that are best for you. Simply print out the calendar and place it in an area (such as a bathroom medicine cabinet, refrigerator door) that will best remind you.

Email Reminder
You may also sign up for an email reminder for your patch application. Select the two days of the week that are best for you. Enter your name (if desired) and your email address (required). We will send you a reminder twice a week, based upon your selected replacement schedule.

Prescription Refill Reminder
Consistent and proper use of OXYTROL is important for successful management of your OAB symptoms. The OXYTROL "Refill Reminder" is a free, confidential e-mail service designed to remind you when to refill your prescription. This will help ensure that your therapy, and therefore its effectiveness, is not interrupted by unexpected delays in refilling your prescription. Some general tips for managing OAB and using OXYTROL will also be provided to help you manage your OAB.


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   A convenient calendar has been prepared to help    remind you of the dates to change your patch.
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Please Note: provides the Patch Application/Prescription Refill E-mail Reminders as a complimentary service to you. Your health is important to us, so please understand that due to various technical issues, cannot guarantee the delivery of Patch Application/Prescription Refill E-mail Reminders. Therefore, this service should not serve as the only reminder to change your patch or to refill your prescription.


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