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What is OXYTROL?
OXYTROL is the first and only transdermal system (skin patch) to treat overactive bladder (OAB). OXYTROL's transdermal delivery system delivers oxybutynin, a medication widely accepted and prescribed in oral formulations for almost 30 years, into your bloodstream. Since the drug is delivered into your bloodstream through your skin, it bypasses the initial metabolism process in the liver and the stomach as seen with oral therapies.

OXYTROL offers OAB patients continuous bladder control with a low incidence of drying side efffects, such as dry mouth and constipation.

OXYTROL is a thin, flexible and clear patch that should be applied to the abdomen, hip or buttock twice weekly and provides continuous and consistent delivery of oxybutynin over a three to four day interval. Each patch is sealed in its own protective pouch. When you are ready to put on the OXYTROL patch, tear open the pouch and remove the patch. Apply the patch to your skin right away. Do not keep or store the patch outside the sealed pouch. OXYTROL can be worn during normal activities, including bathing, swimming, showering, or exercising.

See the Oxytrol Patch Application Video

More than 33 million Americans suffer from OAB. OAB makes it hard to control when you urinate (pass water). OAB can make you urinate more often (increased frequency) or make you feel the need to urinate often (urgency). OAB can also lead to accidental urine loss (leaking or wetting oneself).

If you or someone you know has these symptoms of OAB, there is hope with an option called OXYTROL.

If you have any questions about OXYTROL, ask your doctor. Only your doctor can determine if OXYTROL is right for you.